Episode 8: I Got Your Address, Bro!

CMDRs Alessandra Koa, Arbitration, and Jonuss are joined by special guest, CMDR Dansi212, in Episode 8: I Got Your Address, Bro! Some of the topics include: – CMDR Idonolis and his d0xxing habits – SDC doing their thing – Combat Logging Radio Hosts – Arb’s Headlook Hacks – Tasers – and more! The full track […]

Broadcast Cobra: Episode 7 – Untitled

CMDRs Arbitration, Alessandra Koa, and Jonuss (that’s with two “S”‘s) are back with Episode 7: Untitled! We bring you more news from around the galaxy: – Thargoid developments – More Sensor bombings – The Kraitest puns – More developments with the League of Reparations – A Love Note from some old colleagues The full track […]

Broadcast Cobra: Episode 5 – Investment Opportunities

CMDRs Arbitration, Alessandra Koa, and Jonuss are joined by CMDR Oddblud as they talk about a variety of subjects in the galaxy, including: – Thargoids near Sol – Rare Trading – Colonia Paperwork Fumble – Buckyball Racing – The Mailbag, and – “Investing” to become a Citizen of the Stars. Visit us at www.broadcastcobra.com, and join […]

Broadcast Cobra: Episode 4 – Off-Brand Refueling

CMDRs Arbitration, Jonuss, Alessandra Koa, and Spycrab Surprise sit down and chat about the latest galactic gossip, including: – Thargoids too close for comfort (or not close enough) – We read your love and hate mail – California Money Fountain – Minor Faction Backlog – Getting Engineering Materials – Off-Brand Refueling: Fuel Corgis, Huskies, and […]

Broadcast Cobra: Episode 3 – F****** S***** D*** A****** Guy

Welcome to Episode 3: F****** S***** D*** A****** Guy – thank you to one of our listeners for suggesting the title in his hate mail to us! Consider helping a CMDR in need here:  www.gofundme.com/my-car-got-dunke…n-driving-FA-off Today’s Topics: – SDC et al. leaving the galaxy – Thargoid incursions – We read your mail – z.4 Mafia’s […]

Broadcast Cobra: Episode 2

Dr. Toxic of Lave Radio interviews the staff of Broadcast Cobra. We discuss:
– Our history as Commanders,
– Distant Worlds I and II
– Colonia
– Killing Thargoids, Hugging Thargoids,
– and more!

Broadcast Cobra: Episode 1

CMDRs Arbitration, Alessandra Koa, Spycrab Surprise, and Jonuss talk about current goings on in the galaxy, and take a walk down memory lane regarding the events that occured approximately a year ago that ultimately lead to the fracturing of our previous radio outfit.