CMDRs Alessandra Koa, Arbitration, and Jonuss are joined by special guest, CMDR Dansi212, in Episode 8: I Got Your Address, Bro!

Some of the topics include:
– CMDR Idonolis and his d0xxing habits
– SDC doing their thing
– Combat Logging Radio Hosts
– Arb’s Headlook Hacks
– Tasers
– and more!

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== Music ==
Title Track:
Another Way
by Psykick; files; Psykick; 52938;
Used under CC BY 3.0

by Test Shot Starfish

Used with express written permission.

The Complex
by Kevin Macleod
Used under CC BY 4.0

by Psykick; files; Psykick; 52937;
Used under CC BY 3.0